Sort of good news: Jones getting knee surgery

Rotoworld reported earlier today that Andruw Jones may undergo arthroscopic knee surgery.  Good news because it solves the outfield dilemma (or, if you want to be less PC about it, mistake) and now the outfield will be Pierre, Kemp and Ethier in left, center and right respectively.

Nobody knows who’s going to get called up, but Laroche looks to be healthy and Nomar may be ready.  With the way Kent has been batting, maybe he needs this “arthroscopic knee surgery” too and we’ll see a full infield of prospects raised in the Dodger organization.

I’ll post more on this tomorrow, but it’s absolutely amazing to watch these kids raised in the farm system through each level and make it to the majors and be damn good. 

Other news from today: Mike Piazza is retiring.  The only reason why I hate this guy (other than his atrocious defense) is because I know he’ll go into the hall of fame wearing a Mets hat.  This was the worst decision the News Corp. ownership ever made and I can still remember the trade announcement as if it were yesterday, as a lot of Dodger fans can.  There’s an image of Piazza playing with the Marlins that’s still engraved in my memory and it will probably stay there forever.

Of course mistakes like this don’t happen much anymore.  Front offices are, generally speaking, far more sensible than they used to be.  But you can never really say that for sure when Ed Wade is still employed as a GM somewhere.


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