Andre Ethier’s restaurant blog.

No, this is real.  Andre Ethier has started a blog where he writes about the restaurants he goes to. 

His first entry’s about Shabu-Hachi, a Japanese grill on Olympic in Santa Monica.  Here’s an exerpt from his blog:

I have developed a liking for Japanese food since I have had many a great dining experience with Takashi Saito and his native cuisine. When one might think of Japanese food, everyone always comes up with sushi. I know I did until I went to a few authentic Japanese places with Takashi and got the chance to experience the true Japanese food.

I was introduced to Shabu Hachi by Takashi a  few weeks ago. It sits on Olympic in Santa Monica in one of those oh-so-typical LA corner strip malls. From the outside, you have two Japanese restaurants to choose from – one being the typical sushi place and Shabu Hachi, a place offering up some of the best shabu shabu I have had and I think Takashi would agree. 

In the case of people who think Andre Ethier is not cool vs. Andre Ethier, the defense rests.


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