Sandy Koufax to speak at Safe at Home event

My dad raised me on Sandy Koufax stories.  When I was 19 and Eric Gagne was the most dominant reliever in baseball, we went to Dodger games a lot. They stunk, but on occasion, they’d be up in the 9th inning and the opening riff to Welcome to the Jungle started.  The crowd got on their feet, started clapping and hooting and hollering, everyone caught in the contagion of the moment.  Then he’d struck out the side with such ease.  Man was it a sight.  This stocky, gross baggy-clothes wearing guy, so unassuming outside of context, made almost every professional batter look like a fool. I haven’t seen a pitcher like that since.

My dad said the only time he ever saw a pitcher pitch as dominantly as Gagne was Sandy Koufax, only Koufax did it for 7-9 innings.

Koufax is going to speak at a Safe at Home Foundation event on Feb. 27.  Safe at Home is a foundation, created by Joe Torre, as a place for domestic abuse victims. Tickets are available here.

Koufax is the definition of a  shy guy.  He literally wasn’t interviewed for his own biography.  He’s also retired.  What the heck does he do all day?

I’m going to this event and bringing a tape recorder and a camera (if they allow it).  Stay tuned for more info on that when we get closer to the event.


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