A negative view on Chapman

Pessimistic is a good way to describe how I feel about Chapman on the Reds.  Jonathan Mayo came up with an alternative scouting report on Chapman today. Read it here:

Fastball up to 95-100 mph. Slider is very inconsistent, below-average in quality. Changeup is well below-average. Mechanically, he often opens up too quickly with his front leg which, in turn, forces him to get around his slider. He doesn’t always find a consistent slot with his release point — high 3/4 to 3/4 — where he gets pretty good late movement. He doesn’t have a great feel for pitching. He is an above-average athlete with the kind of body you like to see in a pitcher. Future as a reliever seems more likely. Has shown a tendency to sulk and quit when the pressure is on.

I didn’t know about that last line, I hope that’s not true.  I’d hate for him to quit when the potential is there.


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