The Dead Period

I hate this January-February period.  It’s cold.  People are still bitter their Christmas bonuses weren’t bigger and slack off at work intentionally.  In Los Angeles, the Santa Ana winds blow and people are moody, frustrated, depressed.  The most intriguing parts of baseball are dormant.  You can’t even nibble on the hot stove stuff because most of the free agents have signed and most of the big trades are over.

Worst of all is pitchers and catchers reporting.  People clammor for the return of baseball and get this little tidbit–this little piece of nothing–to sustain themselves.  Pitchers and catchers reporting is the breadsticks of baseball.  It’s the empty calories you eat because it’s in front of you.  If the season was upon us, you wouldn’t care. If spring training games started today, you wouldn’t even glance at pitchers and catchers reporting. But it’s in front of you and you’re so damn hungry.

Another month until our appetizer arrives and then our main course begins in two months.



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