Andrew Lambo will serve 50-game suspension

Just a few minutes after posting that minor league report, Dylan Hernandez announced on twitter that Andrew Lambo will serve a 50-game suspension for violation of MiLB’s drug policy.  Hernandez said it was a “drug of abuse,” 50 games is usually violation with a drug on the banned list, usually a performance enhancer.


Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus says it’s a 2D violation, “drug of abuse,” which he posits means amphetamines.


Baseball Prospectus’ Kevin Goldstein says it’s more likely marijuana.  Lambo has had problems with marijuana before.

Apparently, and this is news to me, weed can get a player suspended for 50 games in the minors.  The “drug of abuse” category is a type of violation and any player caught using said drug can face a different kind of suspension.  Minor League Baseball is much harder on drug abuse than the majors are, but this still comes as a surprise.

Lambo was kicked out of high school in 10th grade supposedly for marijuana use, among other things.  Of course now he’s 22 years old and you hope he’s learned from that, but we don’t know a lot right now.

Update 3

Bill Shaikin at the LA Times came out with this:

The suspension resulted from “a second positive test for a drug of abuse,” according to the announcement.

Under baseball’s drug policy, any positive test for steroids results in a suspension. A first positive test for a “drug of abuse”–including but not limited to marijuana, cocaine, heroin and LSD–is not disclosed publicly and does not result in a suspension.


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