Dodgers minor league report

CoolGuy_88888888 files this report on the Dodgers’ minor league system for True Blue LA.  Sometimes it’s just great to see the information like that.

Aaron Miller is doing quite well in A+ Inland Empire.  25 innings pitched, 26 strike outs.  I’d like to see him lower the home run rate and lower either the BB/9 or the hits/9 rate before I’d promote him, though.

Kenley Jansen likewise is exceeding expectations at the IE.  14.2 IP, 22 K, 3 BB, 2 R.  Amazing for a guy who just made the switch.

The pitchers seems to be doing well, the hitters aren’t quite as great.

Dee Gordon has three walks in 87 PAs.  That’s worse than Josh Vitters, the prototypical he’s-got-everything-except-patience-at-the-plate prospect.  He is, however, hitting .345/.371/.452 at AA Jacksonville, which is very, very good.  Nice to see the power coming in a little.

Jerry Sands is the big surprise so far this year.  Sands is at A Great Lakes and so far this year, this is what he’s put up in 85-90 plate appearances: .382/.442/.842.  Two doubles, three triples, eight home runs.  He’s 22 right now, which is a little old for A, but I’m guessing he’s in line for a promotion to A+ at about mid-season.


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