This year’s Eric Stults: Jesus Castillo?

The Dodgers are weak as hell in starters.  I don’t even need to post any stats, it’s just an accepted fact that their pitching, aided by a pretty bad defense so far, is awful and their starters haven’t been good.

Jesus Castillo is in the Dodgers’ minor league system right now.  He’s in AA Chattanooga, posting a great 1.48 ERA thanks largely to a large groundball rate (just over 50%).

Castillo is 26, a little old for AA, but he’s pitching at a solid rate and his K/BB is still at about 2 (5.6/2.4).  He’s managed that with a low hits/9 rate (5.6).  Minor League Splits shows that he’s been for real in his starts this year with a tad bit of luck, though that may be flawed, pending how MLS’ luck function is derived.  For example, it may take for granted ground ball percentage, which is high for Castillo.  The only problem is a high home run rate, which, FIP corrected, would lead to a much higher ERA, but that might be skewed because it’s so early in the season.

Long story short, he’s performing well this season and should probably be given a chance at the majors.  The worst that happens is he gets lit up as badly as any other starter has this year.

Stults was 26 in his first appearance in the majors.

(And just for the record, Castillo’s GB rate is much better than Stults’).


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