Scorekeeping updated: Hanley Ramirez’s “doggin’ it”

This is gonna be interesting for our Scorekeeping tally.

In yesterday’s game, Hanley Ramirez was accused of a few things, but mostly of “dogging it,” by his manager Fredi Gonzalez.  Everybody was very, very cautious to not use the word “hustle” and players and the managers shied away from mentioning Hanley’s name specifically.

Clark Spencer, the Marlins’ beat reporter for the Miami Herald, started it with this:

#Marlins Strong words by T. Hutton after Hanley Ramirez loafs after ball: “If he wants to take the night off,get him out of the game now.”

T. Hutton is Tommy Hutton, the Marlins’ broadcaster.

Then Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post posted this on his blog:

And to Fredi’s credit, he didn’t try to sugar-coat what everyone in the press box and on TV saw — his $70-million shortstop loafing after a ball that he kicked down the left-field line.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez speaking: “He got smoked by the ball in the ankle. Whether he’s hurt or not hurt or whatever it was, we felt the effort wasn’t there that we wanted. There’s 24 guys out there busting their butts.”

Don’t forget what happened last September — when Hanley took himself out of a game on a day when Atlanta’s Tim Hudson was dealing. Hanley cited a sore hamstring, but Dan Uggla publicly — and other teammates privately — questioned his desire to win.

Capozzi updated his blog today with a ton of quotes from everyone. The title said quite a bit:

Hanley Ramirez won’t apologize to Florida Marlins teammates, lost “little bit” of respect for manager

Some of the more applicable quotes:

Speaking to Hanley:

What happened on the play?
“I wasn’t trying to give up. That was the hardest I could go after the ball. ”

You know how fast you are. Because people watching on TV might not think you were going as fast as you could have.
“That’s fine. I can’t control what you can think about that. I can only control what I can do on the field. I know some people are gonna think I gave up, some people will think he was a little bit hurt.”

Is it this one incident or are the several incidents through the years?
“A couple, a couple.”

Do you respect Fredi?
“I respect everybody. But I don’t know if I get the same respect back.”

One of your teammates suggested an apology might be good if you did that.
“Do what?”

“For what?”

They thought that you were dogging it chasing that ball.
“We got a lot of people dogging it after ground balls. They don’t apologize.’’

Wes Helms had this to say, from the same article:

“To just flat-out not hustle, that’s one of the things, I can’t cope with that. That’s one of my pet peeves. I can’t stand two things in baseball: Guys who don’t hustle and guys who don’t work. We’re trying to go to the World Series here. We’ve got to have all 25 guys on the same path.

There were a few loaded-ass questions in there, like “how much respect did you lose for Fredi Gonzalez” and other ones, and it’s possible the language barrier might have led to a few misconceptions, but Hanley is clearly unhappy.



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3 responses to “Scorekeeping updated: Hanley Ramirez’s “doggin’ it”

  1. Just to add a little, apparently Michael Kay began talking about Hanley and “hustle” during his telecast on Tuesday.

    Even NBA broadcaster Jeff Van Gundy got into it, saying something like “They can’t all be Jeter.”

    Van Gundy and Marlins Manager Fredi Gonzalez both mentioned Jeter while talking about the subject about a player who hustles every play.

  2. Dan

    There had been alot of stuff said about Hanley’s lack of hustle and dedication to the game over the last few years. The two main incidents have been this one where you can see plenty of thing said on Fish Tank, Fish Pond, and ESPN. Including an article today, which I talk about on Marlinsblog about Andre Dawson and Tony Perez giving a him a talking to in the club house. Including the Hawk threatning to beat him up.

    You can also probably find articles last year about Wes Helms almost getting into a fight with him about it; Dan Uggla calling him out in the locker room about it and Albert Pujols also talking to him about it in spring training.

    Hope this helps

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