Check out Jon SooHoo’s blog

Jon SooHoo is the Dodgers’ official photographer.  Basically he’s taken some of the best photos of the Dodgers in the past few years.  If you’ve seen it, he probably took it. Now he’s got a blog.

At my old newspaper, we had a section of our blog dedicated to the photographers posting their favorite photos that we didn’t publish in the paper.  That’s basically what this is (check out this photo), but more about SooHoo updating whatever shots he takes.

Worth a check out.


Dodgers lost 1-0 today after John Ely put forth another great performance.  Xavier Paul horribly misplayed two balls to right field that led to the one Cubs run and that was that.  Andre Ethier probably could’ve made those plays, but also would’ve provided some offense. :-/

Regardless, the Dodgers were outscored by the Cubs 9-8 in the series and were shut out twice.  Ech. Can’t really complain about one or two bad defensive plays when the team’s offense can’t put it together.

Interesting news about Ethier’s return:

Ethier, who’s out with a broken right pinky finger, could return from the 15-day disabled list Monday. Manager Joe Torre said he’s scheduled to play for Triple-A Albuquerque on Friday and Saturday and take Sunday off.


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