An Interesting Read on Angels Owner Arte Moreno

A friend passed on this link to me. It’s a story by TJ Simers, renowned LA Times jerk, about how cool Anaheim Angels Owner Arte Moreno is and how he treats his fans.

When he arrives, he’s smiling. I never get that either from an owner, especially one with a team stuck below .500 — wondering why he isn’t stressed out given the Angels’ problems this season.

“I’m a Vietnam vet; stress is when someone is shooting at you,” he says. “As for problems, a friend of mine’s wife was diagnosed with cancer. One of my best buddies has been fighting cancer for two years. Those are problems. This is not a problem.”

It’s refreshing to see someone keep this sort of thing in perspective.

“A couple of years ago we won 100 games, which is very difficult to do,” he says. “That means we also lost 62 games, so that means somewhere around 36 to 38% of the time people came to the ballpark and were not seeing a winner. It’s all about the experience a family takes with them.”

LA residents know Moreno is a cool dude and a lover of the fans and of winning. Even if his team does it in fluky-ass ways, it’s cool to see an owner care as much for his team as his fanbase does.

Read the full story here.


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