Matt Kemp Smoked a Lazer Beam into Outer Space.

After last night’s walk-off balk, Ubaldo’s unbe-freaking-lievable performance yesterday that bumped him up to about a 4.0 WAR (second-best in the NL is STL’s Jamie Garcia, of all people, at 2.5) and the Dodgers’ move to one-back in the NL West today, I’m not going to talk about any of that.

I’m gonna talk about Matt Kemp tonight. Matt Kemp smoked a lazer beam into outer space in the bottom of the 10th against the D-Backs to win the game. It was gone as soon as it touched the bat. He knew it. Guitierrez knew it. Everyone in the freaking stadium knew it. His swing was effortless and he hit it with such force it was almost cartoonish.

I was at the game tonight. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone hit a ball that hard live. It was beautiful. As soon as he touched it, our entire section leaped to our feet and let out a collective “OHHHH NO WAY!!” I don’t even care about the Dodgers being one game behind the Padres in the NL West. Screw #Elymania.  Kemp made my night.

There’s nothing better than watching a baseball player smoke a home run like that. I love this game.

Now with a gif, courtesy of Memories of Kevin Malone.  It doesn’t quite capture the home run completely, but it was a BOMB.

Matt Kemp smokes a game-winning home run.gif


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