Dodgers Sweep Helps Heal Some Wounds and Some Fun Stuff

Dodgers started the week off strong with a sweep over the Giants in San Francisco. They beat the Giants while both Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain started.

It felt like a little karmic justice after having to watch the Yankees completely demoralize the Dodgers on Sunday after some terrible bullpen decisions. The Dodgers shook it off–it was only one loss, anyway. And they did very well against the Giants in San Francisco. Matt Kemp got back into the line-up after a chat with Torre. (Whether or not there was any real reason for the benching in the first place, who knows; both have remained very tight-lipped about it). Kemp also tore it up at the plate in the six plate appearances. Though Andre Ethier continues to struggle, Manny Ramirez and James Loney hit well in the series and even Jamey Carroll had a few extra base hits (shocking, I know). The pitching was strong too, especially from the back end of the rotation, but we’ll just nod to it because there’s no way in hell Vicente Padilla keeps this up.

The Dodgers outscored the Giants 16-6 in the series.

Certainly this isn’t the last we’ll see of Torre’s bullpen mismanagement–he even had Hong-Chih Kuo warming in the bullpen in the 8-2 Wednesday game–but at least Kemp is starting again and crushing it.


Some fun things:

-I’ve been working on the Sports Argument Wiki most of this week. Check out the Chase Utley one (monologue borrowed from Layer Cake).

Memories of Kevin Malone came up with a pretty complete half-season review of Dodgers prospects.

-TrueBlueLA directed its readers to a fantastic Joe Posnanski article about Uruguayan soccer.

-Jon Weisman of DodgerThoughts makes a good point that maybe Dodger fans are getting a little too trigger happy about needing bullpen relief.

-Also from MOKM, a whole ton of great gifs.  Argyled Plaschke will be joining MOKM this week.

Here’s a BAD-ASS simulation of what makes Mariano Rivera’s cutter so great, c/o Hardball Talk.

-While Jerry Sands is getting all of the AA Chattanooga attention (four home runs in his ~30 PAs since arriving), Aaron Miller was promoted to AA too and did well in his first outing: 6 IP, 3 hits, 2 BB, 5 K, 2 runs.


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