2010 Dodgers Mid-Season Report Card

Your 2010 Dodgers Mid-Season Report Card

Catcher: Russell Martin: Just as with last year, Martin’s providing offensive worth in patience at the plate. A .250 batting average and a .325 slugging percentage are tempered with an excellent .350 OBP. Martin’s defensive skills are OK-to-above average. His caught stealing percentage is fantastic (36% so far this year). He’s given up more passed balls behind the plate this year than all of last year, though part of the problem is the pitchers’ control–28 wild pitches, 33 balls that got behind Martin. Overall: B

First Base: James Loney: I’ve been hating on Loney too much because while his teammates either develop patience or power, Loney continues to regress in both departments. He’s just kinda OK for a first baseman. His high average gives him a higher OBP/SLG so I guess it’s fine. Overall: C+

Second Base: Jamey Carroll/Blake DeWitt: Carroll’s been a pleasant surprise this year and I’d like to see him start more games. He’s got a .389 OBP with plus defense. Surprised the Dodgers nabbed him so easily this off-season. Dewitt has also been taking after Carroll (.361 OBP), but could use a little help defensively. Must be weird platooning with your younger self. Overall: A-

Short Stop: Rafael Furcal: Furcal’s been another pleasant surprise. After a few milquetoast years, he’s putting together a really great one. His offense will come down a bit ’cause of the BABIP, but his defense is plus again and he’s been a 3 WAR player (fangraphs) so far this year. Overall: A

Third Base: Casey Blake: Blake gets a longer leash than Loney despite having the same numbers this year because Blake has put up consistent slugging percentages in the .460s every year with an above-average OBP, but his numbers are noticeably down this year. He’s also in his late 30s, so I guess regression is more expected, but like Loney, he’s doing OK. Overall C+

Left Field: Manny Ramirez: Some people are still critical of Manny for whatever reason, but he is what he is: A+ on offense even with declining skills and F- on defense. Meanwhile, Ethier receives no criticism despite worse offensive and defensive numbers. Overall: A-

Center Field: Matt Kemp: Despite being the barer of the cross this year, everyone knew he wasn’t a -35 UZR defender or a .250 hitter. Kemp’s bumped a lot of his stats back to his career lines this past week and he’ll probably end with a very good season, but it was a very tough first half. Overall: B-

Right Field: Andre Ethier: A sublime first quarter and a not-so-good second quarter. His fielding is still goddamn awful (he may end up with a -30 season), but that hitting is mighty fine. Overall: B

Starting Pitching: Clayton Kershaw, Hiroki Kuroda, Chad Billingsley
Don’t need to say much, these guys have been owning. A+ for Kuroda and Kershaw, A for Bills

Starting Pitching: John Ely
How in the hell did the Dodgers get him for Pierre?????? Overall: A-

Starting Pitching: Vicente Padilla/Charlie Haeger/Ramon Ortiz/fifth spot
I didn’t know starting pitching could be this bad. I honestly didn’t. Haeger had one good game this year and then melted down to a 9 ERA. Padilla has been giving up two home runs per nine innings. Carlos Monesterios did a great job filling in five innings for a while, but it’s been a nightmare every five games. Overall: F

Bullpen: Jonathan Broxton, Hong-Chih Kuo
Doin their thang. Overall: A

Bullpen: Jeff Weaver
Another pleasant surprise, Weaver’s been a serviceable bullpen option and continues to be. Overall: B

Bullpen: the rest of them dudes
DFA everyone. Overall: F


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