Jerry Sands looks kinda funny

John Sickels posted something on Sands maybe being legit, “lakersdodgersyankeesfan4life” has the post at True Blue LA here.  There’s also a video of Sands, who is enormous in stature, and his silly haircut.

Per Sickels:

Sands returned to Great Lakes this year, hitting .333/.432/.646 in 69 games, with 18 homers, 40 walks, 61 strikeouts in 243 at-bats, along with 14 steals in 16 attempts…hard to argue with any of that, this is excellent performance in all respects except perhaps a higher-than-ideal strikeout rate. He moved up to Double-A Chattanooga two weeks ago and has remained hot: .333/.412/.756 with four walks, 11 strikeouts in 45 at-bats. Obviously we’d like a larger Double-A sample size, but it looks great so far, with some deterioration in BB/K.
Tools-wise, Sands is a big guy at 6-4, 225, with average running speed and a good throwing arm. He steals bases with polish rather than pure speed. Midwest League sources still say his swing looked a bit long, but that his plate discipline is excellent. His current minor league career stats: .300/.400/.599.
Defensively, he’s split the season between first base and right field. His outfield range is reportedly limited, but his arm plays pretty well.


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