Uhh … This is a Bad Idea.

RT @hankschulman: SFG are in on Podsednik, but the team making the strongest push is LAD, who fear they won’t get much more help from Manny

If your two bench outfielders (Reed Johnson and Xavier Paul, respectively) are doing a decent enough job filling in, why would you trade for a player that’s worse than both of them?



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5 responses to “Uhh … This is a Bad Idea.

  1. Mike Scioscia's tragic illness

    Much as I like Paul, his defense has been less than impressive. Johnson’s still hurt with no timetable for a return. And neither of them can be a real pinch-runner like Podsednik. If the cost isn’t too high, I could see not hating this – especially if the corresponding roster move is GA DFA’d.

    • I didn’t see Pods has been decent on offense the past two years, so yeah, it’s not terrible. But his 2006-08 production makes me wary and his defense hasn’t been better than average in five years.

  2. DodgersKings323

    As much as i want to see DFGA, i think Paul will be sent down to play every day. RJ is injured and i think Coletti is afraid Manny won’t heal from his leg injuries. Maybe even to send Kemp a message and bench him a while?

    • I’d say just give Paul the time in the pros and bat him 8th, but Colletti made a good trade! So it’s not awful

      Worst part is Pods is probably gonna bat 2nd, which I don’t like, but at least he gets on base at a decent clip

    • More TV money, more radio money, charge hgheir prices for games because there is no alternative now, have more potential advertisers and sponsors. If the A’s were to leave they would be the only game in town and a 4+ million people market they are going to have more opportunities to increase revenue compared to now when they share albeit dominate a QT market.

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