Dodgers Ain’t Dead Yet, Motherf****rs

The toughest thing about being a fan is when you put emotional investment into your team and it’s obvious they don’t have much chance at winning anymore. I can’t imagine what that’s like for the players or the front office, who strive so hard to be successful.

A few bloggers have called the Dodgers’ season already. It’s tough to look at the deadline deals and think “well this significantly improves the team.” Even if you did like those trades, you then watched the offense lay down a couple of eggs and get swept by the Giants to fall back 8 games back in the wild card hunt.

But this, this moment right now, is maybe the lowest point in the season.

Only 105 games have been played so far. The Giants have the toughest schedule–Dodgers have the second-toughest. Games back counts shift a lot. It’s possible the Dodgers sink further in the standings, but it’s also possible for them to go on a streak.

The season’s only dead when they’re officially eliminated.


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One response to “Dodgers Ain’t Dead Yet, Motherf****rs

  1. DodgersKings323

    106, so if we divide 162 by 3 we get 54. 54*2=108

    In 2 games we will be 2/3 of the way, yes it looks terrible but to me that is pleeeentttyyyy of time mofaaacccuuuasss! lol

    Baseball is unpredictable, plus we can’t give up, then we’ll be called fairweathers!

    Die Blue

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