The Dead Horse Gets Beaten One More Time

I didn’t get to see what happened tonight in the Phillies game, but the Phillies beat the Dodgers, 10-9, after the Dodgers led the game 9-2 heading into the 8th. The Dodgers are now 9 games back of the Padres for the NL West lead.

You can blame a lot of things, but I’m gonna blame the offense for not scoring another run in the eighth and ninth to put this game away. What a bunch of lazy oafs.

As Kevin Goldstein tweeted,

The #Dodgers entered the game with a 4.4% chance (less than 20-1) to reach the playoffs as is. More postmortem than death knell.

Yeah. This season was pretty much over with when the Dodgers fell to 8 games back a few weeks ago.

Full analysis coming tomorrow.


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