Dodgers Sign Zack Lee, Tell Colleges to Eff Off

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced just before the 12 a.m. EST deadline that they signed LSU football commit Zack Lee.

Lee received a signing bonus of $5.25 million. The bonus will be spread over 5 years.

Lee was a long shot because of signability issues. He was a commit to LSU as a quarterback in football and a pitcher in baseball. But the Dodgers ponied up the money and lo and behold, Lee followed.

The jury’s still out on if Lee’s going to be great or even good, but it’s a big win for the Dodgers and the Dodgers Assistant GM Logan White and Scouting Director DeJon Watson dutifully did their job. They promised the pick of Lee wasn’t a punt and they were right.

Dodgers also signed Joc Pederson, their 11th round pick. Pederson is a promising outfielder with a strong bat. He signed for a $600k bonus.

You can read more on the Dodgers’ draft this year at Memories of Kevin Malone.


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