I’m OK, You’re OK, Kuo’s OK

I feel like sometimes I’m a therapist on here. Don’t worry about this, don’t throw around blame, etc. Like I’m an advisor to fans who read this.

There are logical explanations to some problems, and to those problems, sometimes logical solutions.

The Dodgers were out of contention after this past week. It’s hard to argue about wins and losses right now. So when Hong-Chih Kuo was brought in for a two-inning save tonight and the Dodgers lost when Octavio Dotel gave up a ground ball single, well, it was the point at which fans threw up their hands and laughed.

But it’s absolutely the right time to be talking about player development.

I’m not gonna talk about mindset or anything. Like I said last week, talking about mindsets is stupid for casual observers. But Kuo wasn’t too abused tonight. He made 28 pitches

Kuo was also very good tonight. He only gave up two weak hits which could’ve been outs and had four swinging strikes. Torre kept his promise and didn’t use Jonathan Broxton in a save situation. Dotel was put in because, well, who gives a shit. He’s a warm body. He can throw pitches, sometimes for strikes.

It was a relieving outing because finally, there’s no reason to aim for a win.

I think it’ll be more fun later in the year when the Dodgers get a chance to affect the playoffs for other teams, but it really is this simple: there’s no point in winning right now other than for ego’s sake.


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