Pitch Values in Spreadsheets

Dodgers are bad right now, so I’m gathering a bunch of stuff from Fangraphs’ pitch values and putting it into a single spreadsheet. Right now I’m just working on 2009. If you’d like to see what I’ve collected, email me at xcoughitup (gmail account).

I’m trying to create some data out of it too, about the value of pitch speed per type of pitch, esp. relating to fastballs. Good stuff.

Tomorrow morning, I’m posting an interview with Tony Gwynn Jr., who just found out he’ll be out for the rest of the season with a broken hand, about defense and what makes him so good at it. I really liked talking to him.

And then next week I have another one with Rich Renteria, the Padres’ 1B coach and defensive positioning dude.



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2 responses to “Pitch Values in Spreadsheets

  1. Hey Seth, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Im just getting started, it’s nice to get Dodgers fans on it.

    I was wondering which pitch values you’re taking a look at? Are you just pulling them off Fangraphs one by one?

    • Hey, that was good work. The more original content you create, the more you’ll get noticed.

      So far it’s just every pitch among qualified starters, but it’s getting kinda long. Probably gonna divide it into different tabs by type of pitch. I’m pulling it from fangraphs’ via exporting to Excel and then organizing the numbers. Then I’m gonna add pitch movement by hand.

      Most interesting thing so far is there seems to be almost no correlation between fastball speed and pitch value (just among starters).

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