Go on Vacay, Get a Tan. TBLA Kickin’ My Ass.

Well, Manny got traded. Can’t say much for it other than having Manny, even if only for two years, was awesome. MSTI has a full prospectus on it.

As a Dodger fan, you don’t get to see a lot of legit Hall of Fame power hitters. Watching Manny hit was a thing of beauty the last two years and completely worth whatever minor hassles he came with. Thank you, Manny, for being you. I’ll be rooting for the White Sox this post-season (if they make it).

The Dodgers got nothing in return but salary relief, which is great. According to Jay Jaffe, it was for $4.3 million. Basically what the Dodgers owed him for the rest of his contract plus some of the deferment.

Today is also the big day in the Dodgers’ owners’ divorce. The judge will rule on whether or not Frank McCourt is the sole owner of the team. Josh at Dodger Divorce has a lot on it.

Then I got schooled by Eric Stephen about waiver rules, view the entire twitter conversation. That should learn me to have opinions when I haven’t been keeping up on the situation. Note to self: when on vacation, stay on vacation.

Then Brandon Lennox got an interview with Dodgers Player of Director Development DeJon Watson. I’ve been dying to get that interview for a while, congrats to TBLA for getting it.

Chad Moriyama at MOKM has an excellent post on Matt Kemp’s struggles this year.

Jay Jaffe has a post today about Joe Torre quitting on the Dodgers.

I went to San Diego and visited Petco Park to watch Latos vs. Oswalt on Friday night and spend some time with the girlfriend. She’s been putting up with this whole “blogging thing” for a while and she’s absolutely wonderful, so I figured one weekend wouldn’t be too much to miss.

I was wrong, but if I had to do it all over again, I would.


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