Well, What Do We Look Forward to Now?

The thing that sucks most about trading Manny is the Dodgers had a pretty good month of a schedule to look forward to: three games against the Phillies (leading NL Wild Card), six games against the Giants (second place in NL Wild Card), six against the Padres (leading NL West), six against the Rockies (currently ahead of Dodgers in NL Wild Card) and 10 against the Astros and the Diamondbacks. The only factoring team the Dodgers don’t face is the Cardinals. There’s a lot of potential to boost the record in there, but 6.5 games and four teams is a lot to overcome in a month.

Regardless, we have silver linings to look forward to.

One is that Trayvon Robinson may see the majors before the end of the season. Law makes it sound like Robinson will be the 2011 replacement for Manny, hopping over Xavier Paul on the organizational depth chart.

Another thing to look forward to: if the Dodgers lose more, the front office may have a protected pick in the 2011 draft. That means Ned Colletti could sign a Type A free agent in the off-season and still have a first-rounder to look forward to.

The biggest question of the 2010-11 off-season will be if the Dodgers have money to play with. This not only means money to sign free agents, but money to offer arbitration to players who will be leaving the team this year. Though the Dodgers likely won’t offer arbitration to Octavio Dotel and Scott Podsednik, they might offer to Ted Lilly and Hiroki Kuroda, who will likely be Type A free agents.

If the Dodgers do have some free money to spend, it looks like they’d make a decent push for Cliff Lee, or resign Kuroda and make a push for Lilly. Seems silly to stuff the MLB starters roster for the next umpteen years when Chris Withrow, Zach Lee and a few high upside arms (Ethan Martin, Aaron Miller, “Carl” “Allen” Webster) coming up through the system.

Past that, there’s always the rumors of who among the Dodgers front office will be promoted to a general manager for another team. Those rumors have been swirling for years, but after Logan White’s brilliant maneuvering to sign first round pick Zach Lee, it’s hard to imagine he WON’T be made a GM somewhere this off-season.

Other than that, 2011 doesn’t look sharp, but the Dodgers have a solid group of arbitration-ready players returning and most of them had awful regression years in 2010 that’ll be easy to bounce back from. Jamey Carroll is signed for another year (cool) and Ryan Theriot will return (eh). Then there’s always Clayton Kershaw and Chad Billingsley. Past those two, though, starting pitching will be a big weakness that needs to be addressed.


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