Dodgers Attendance in 2010 Will Be Worst in Five Years

Dodgers attendance numbers, and baseball attendance numbers in general, have always been skewed, mostly because the teams count the number of tickets sold, not the number of tickets taken at the gates.

The Dodgers, however, are on pace to have their lowest attendance since 2005.

The Dodgers hit 3 million in attendance last night. In 67 home games, that’s about 44,776 per game. That’s a lot of damn people, considering how few sell outs there have been and how many times the seats clearly weren’t filled with how many people were supposedly there.

With 14 more games to go and assuming the 44k trend continues, Dodger Stadium will likely have hosted 3.63 million people this year. Assuming attendance drops by 10-20% because of playoff contention (or lack thereof), total attendance will be between 3.5 and 3.55.

Barring some miracle, it’ll be the Dodgers’ lowest attendance total since 2005. Could be worse than 2005, too:

Dodgers' attendance records


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