The Dodgers suck, so talking about why the suck is kinda boring. Do you look at a bed of roses and pull out your hair asking “Why?” Or rather, do you look at a pile of shit and ask “Why?” The bullpen is bad and the offense is awful. The only thing that’s been good is the starting pitching, sadly.

Anyway. With that in mind, we turn to distractions around the web. Forest Swords has a new song and video out on Vimeo.

Alyson Footer’s MLBlog has rookie hazing from the Astros this year, complete with photos. This wasn’t the usual rookie hazing where they had to walk to or from the bus in those outfits; the rookies had to walk around Chicago. There’s also some awesome photos of previous rookie hazings, like Morgan Ensberg, Roy Oswalt and Adam Everett.

Wezen-Ball took time to create an awesome map of AAA team moves from 1965 to present. It’s ridiculous and worth a look.

Justin Havens of ESPNNewYork has this on David Wright.

I was remembering Odalis Perez with a few people on Twitter. Remembering how awesome his 2002 season was and how he left the team. I can say it wasn’t on great terms and a lot of fans didn’t like his personality. He once canceled a program called O’s 45’s, in which Odalis bought 45 tickets for inner-city kids for his starts, because he wasn’t getting recognition for it. One Royals fan said Odalis’ time in Kansas City was not a “happy one.” I don’t think the man ever left a place with fans liking him. Such a shame.

Anyway. On with the show.


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