Dodgers Team Slash Stats, Or Why the Dodgers Stink

If you want more of a look at the Dodgers’ hitting stats, let’s start with batting average.

Dodgers slash lines (rank in MLB in parantheses)
2010: .256 (18)/.326 (16)/.382 (22)
2009: .270 (t4)/.346 (4th)/.412 (17)

If you want to see the difference: -.014/-.020/-.030. A bump in average to last year’s average puts the Dodgers at .270/.340/.396. I’m not smart enough to include some kind of prorated slugging percentage, so just imagine there’s a mild bump in slugging there too and you’re back in the .400s in slugging.

In case you’re wondering, Dodgers’ BABIP from last year to this year is down, but not significant: .304 in 2010, .309 in 2009.

Yep. Just looks like the drop in contact has been that big of a problem for the Dodgers this year.

Dodgers wOBA (rank in MLB in parantheses)
2010: .311 (22nd in MLB)
2009: .331 (12th)

There’s a lot of reasons for this, but not one singular answer. The offense is just flat out down across the boards, by each player at each position (except, oddly, at short stop where Furcal and Carroll have added together to form one player with excellent patience and decent average/power).

Here’s the drop-off. Below is the difference in average, on-base and slugging (with wOBA in parentheses) between 2010 and 2009–these numbers are 2010’s stats minus 2009’s:

C: -.013/-.006/-.002 (-.005)
1B: -.008/-.023/+.010 (-.009)
2B: -.010/-.026/-.064 (-.031)
SS: +.029/+.048/+.043 (+.043)
3B: -.020/-.025/-.042 (-.021)
LF: -.030/-.068/-.066 (-.055)
CF: -.040/-.034/-.046 (-.043)
RF: -.015/-.011/-.036 (-.014)

Even though this has little statistical value.
Grand total: -.107/-.145/-.203 (-.135)
Average loss per position: -.013/-.018/-.025 (-.017)

That’s pretty substantial and it’ll probably get worse as the season comes to an end. Obviously the loss of a productive left fielder hurts the most, but who knew the Dodgers would be in such pain from Matt Kemp and the loss of Orlando Hudson?

Here’s the raw stats themselves:

so far in 2010
C: .245/.341/.336 (.303)
1B: .271/.330/.401 (.318)
2B: .259/.349/.342 (.311)
SS: .303/.383/.419 (.359)
3B: .256/.328/.408 (321)
LF: .272/.331/.399 (.318)
CF: .250/.309/.427 (.315)
RF: .280/.340/.466 (.347)

in 2009
C: .258/.347/.338 (.308)
1B: .279/.353/.391 (.327)
2B: .282/.354/.422 (.342)
SS: .274/.335/.376 (.316)
3B: .276 .353 .450 (342)
LF: .302/.399/.465 (.373)
CF: .290/.343/.473 (.358)
RF: .265/.351/.502 (.361)

So far through 2010 (OPS+ at the end, to take into account the league average)
Russell Martin: .248/.347/.332, 88
James Loney: .275/.335/.405, 103
Blake Dewitt: .270/.352/.371, 99
Jamey Carroll: .290/.380/.341, 101
Casey Blake: .257/.331/.418, 104
Matt Kemp: .252/.313/.437, 104
Andre Ethier: .288/.353/.494, 130

and late season replacements:
Ryan Theriot: .265/.340/.324, 84
Rod Barajas: .333/.422/.692, 200
Scott Podsednik: .262/.313/.336, 78
Jay Gibbons: .359/.419/.667, 193

Rafael Furcal [.309/.375/.469, (.374)] and Manny Ramirez [.311/.405/.510, (.392)] aren’t on that list because of a lack of plate appearances.

2009 (OPS+ added at the end)
Russell Martin: .250/.352/.329, 86
James Loney: .281/.357/.399, 104
Orlando Hudson: .283/.357/.417, 109
Rafael Furcal: .269/.335/.375, 92
Casey Blake: .280/.363/.468, 123
Manny Ramirez: .290/.418/.531, 155
Matt Kemp: .297/.352/.490, 125
Andre Ethier: .272/.361/.508, 132

Don’t need to be a rocket surgeon to know that replacing Manny (.392 wOBA) with Scott Podsednik (.290 wOBA) is gonna hurt any team.



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2 responses to “Dodgers Team Slash Stats, Or Why the Dodgers Stink

  1. DodgersKings323

    What doesn’t show up is the crummy bullpen costing us games and Joe Torre costing us a handful himself………..oh and all the at bats from Belliard and GA.

    • That bullpen article is coming. The talk about GA is kind of off, mostly because GA didn’t have that many plate appearances–he actually had the fewest of all the bench players. He was just one really bad off-the-bench bat in a bunch of bad off-the-bench bats. The biggest problem was that no one was capable of filling in for Manny when he was injured.

      But even if GA was DFA’d months earlier, Jay Gibbons would’ve been at best a +1 or 2 win player.

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