All Right, I’ll Go Out on a Limb: Dodgers Made Wrong Choice in Hiring Mattingly

Bob Timmermann has been arguing against the hysteria around the Dodgers selecting Don Mattingly as their next manager.

I don’t think you need any more of a reason to not hire him than because he has no experience. Why should anyone, let alone Don Mattingly, get to skip the process? The sole reason for the minors is to help minor league players gain experience, why not use it to help groom potential managers?

In addition, Mattingly is the pick Joe Torre wanted to replace him, and you know that’s going to rub Dave Stewart (former player, current agent of Chad Billingsley and Matt Kemp) the wrong way.

This is all completely ignoring what Mattingly will be as a manager. If he learned how to manage a bullpen like Torre, then we should all be afraid.

Someone on twitter and someone on TBLA pointed out that Mattingly may become the fall guy if the Dodgers’ don’t succeed under him (and there’s a good chance of that). I guess that makes this move OK, but there are other managerial candidates that can be fall guys, have Mattingly’s intangibles and have worked as managers in the minors. Why not them?

I’ll wait until Mattingly has a full season under his belt before writing any criticism of his managing skills, but I’m certainly not looking forward to this.


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One response to “All Right, I’ll Go Out on a Limb: Dodgers Made Wrong Choice in Hiring Mattingly

  1. DodgersKings323

    *Sigh* At least Torre is gone, the most important move is getting rid of McCourt so Dodger fans may still have something to cheer for in the future.

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