McCourt Trial Getting Really, Really Messy

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Frank came into this trial with an upper-hand. He had a document, signed by Jamie, stating he was the sole owner of the team. He still shows up to the stadium irregularly and I think most Dodger fans would agree he came off as the figurehead of the team during the McCourts’ tenure as owners. For better or worse.

It was known before heading back into the courtroom yesterday that there were two possible MPAs, one set that had “inclusion” written in several key places and one set that had “exclusion” written in several key places.  Jamie’s main angle was she didn’t know what she was signing away.

Well, this happened today and yesterday:

  • Jamie McCourt, who practiced as a lawyer for almost two decades, said she didn’t read the MPA (the supposed post-nuptial) that she signed because it was “boring” and she trusted both Frank and Larry Silverstein, the lawyer that drew up the MPA, to have her best interest at heart.
  • Larry Silverstein admitted under oath that he switched the MPAs and didn’t tell Jamie.

Testifying Tuesday at the couple’s Los Angeles divorce trial, Larry Silverstein says he changed the agreement in 2004 after it was signed — and didn’t tell Jamie McCourt the new version gave her husband sole ownership.

Fisher and Knight tweeted at about the same time that the judge took special interest in asking questions to Silverstein about this.


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