Who Do You Think Made Better Use of the Song in the Ad?

The song is Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Lights Orchestra. I love this song.

Volkswagen — “Bubble Boy”

Guinness — “Dot”

I’m kinda conflicted on the Guinness commercial. Very creative visuals and art, but the ad features a voice over and a bizarre almost snow-globian meaning-of-life reason for drinking Guinness–a particle chooses to be anything, this particle saw the world and decided to become a drop of Guinness? The creativity could sell Guinness alone, the voice over and meaning of the dot was overboard.

The VW ad, meanwhile, is concise and brilliantly edited in time with the music. The point is there too–you wake up early every morning to work the same shitty job every day of your life, why not make the drive to work more playful and light-hearted? It’s kind of silly, though. Basically the guy’s living his life like an automaton day in and day out until he sees a Volkswagen. His personality is so bare that he needs a car to define who he is. Such is the absurdity of modern advertisements. But the upbeat melody of the song and the quick-cut editing is just too … well, good. It’s really entertaining to watch.

While Guinness played the song, then played some really cool unrelated visuals with it, then had a voice over over the song, VW made the song an integral part of the ad.

I say VW wins. And I should, because I bought one of their awful, awful cars.


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