Waiting for the Water in my Faucet to Stop

Don’t know what it is, but playoff baseball is still interesting even after the Dodgers are eliminated.

Twins right now are down 3-2 to the Yankees in the 7th. Rangers won 6-0 today, looks like they’ll be going to the ALCS unless the Rays win three in a row. The Hated Giants face the Braves later tonight.

My sink hasn’t been working the past two days, I think Rube Goldberg installed the pipes.



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3 responses to “Waiting for the Water in my Faucet to Stop

  1. Dusto

    Is it not draining, or is it not getting water?

    • neither. I wanted to replace the cold water supply valve underneath my sink. I finally got the super yesterday to turn off the main water valve underneath my apartment (which was when I wrote this post) so I could make the switch. Only problem is he turned off the wrong one, so when I to make the switch, a steady stream of cold water shot right at my face. My kitchen was under about an inch of water and my carpet is soaked through in the living room, but luckily I have a friend who does this sort of thing regularly and I got a wet-dry vac in my place within a couple of hours.

      • Dusto

        Ah! Good times. Try hooking up a new disnwasher when you have no “T” to split from the hot water main. I was a dishwasher “installer” for a time and older houses usually never had a “T” splitter (Sounds like a Dice’K pitch). Anyway good luck to you. Having to get under the sink and do some “plumbing” is never fun, but I always feel manly. Kinda like mowing the lawn or fixing a car. Stuff my wife can’t do, that I should be able to…

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