Cody. Effing. Ross.

I posted this on twitter yesterday, but the idea of the Giants succeeding where the Dodgers failed two years in a row is disturbing. Not only by beating the same team that stymied the Dodgers two years in a row (and in crushing fashion), but with some marginal players. Juan Uribe, who’s having an outrageously good year. Aubrey Huff, who has somehow rediscovered his talent from Tampa Bay. Andres Torres, who was cast off by several teams and somehow became good as a Giant.

Worse yet is Cody Ross.

Dodger fans remember Ross as that marginal fifth outfielder who struggled for playing time against Jason Repko. Somehow, he keeps burning the Dodgers.

After fighting for playing time with the Marlins in 2007 and 2008, he found some time in a series against the Dodgers in mid-May, 2009. In those three games in Florida, he went 4 for 8 with two home runs and two walks. Though it was early in the season, his season line went from .207/.242/.339 to .225/.268/.411, a .100-point jump in OPS. The Dodgers lost 2 of 3 in the series. He’s always been a streaky hitter, I guess.

I dunno why, but he’s branded himself in my memory since then.

As a member of the Giants this post-season–and remember, he was only acquired so the Padres couldn’t claim him–he’s done pretty well for himself, including hitting three home runs in the National League Championship Series. That’s two against Roy Halladay and one against Roy Oswalt. He is not, as we say, fucking around.

Only time I’d root for the Phillies is when they’re facing the Giants and this happens.

The good news is that Dodger fans get to look forward to the huge regression the Giants will face next year between losing Huff and Uribe and their offense likely won’t be carried by Posey, Torres and a rapidly declining Sandoval.

Effin’ Cody Ross.



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7 responses to “Cody. Effing. Ross.

  1. Uribe didn’t have that great a year, just a lot of homers, which he’s always been good for.

    Huff had a bad BABIP year in 2009, and I think the addition of good friend Pat Burrell gave him a boost (and a push), pushing him to 2008 form.

    Giants lucked out with Torres (or maybe saw his changes in 2008) in that Torres before 2008 realized he needed to hit better to make majors, so he researched how to hit like Albert Pujols, found someone online who helped him, worked on it in 2008 and finalized his changes in winter ball before joining Giants for 2009 season. He has been a great hitter since (was taught to slap at ball because of speed, learned to hit, basically following Ted Williams’ great book, Science of Hitting, I swear by it), he was among leaders in extra-base hits until his appendectomy.

    FYI, Huff LOVES playing for SF, looking for deal and Giants clearly wants him back. Also, Burrell has already greased return by saying he wants to return even if only as a bench reserve player. Ross wants to return and Sabean stated he intends to.

    And Sandoval’s struggles this season can be linked to three strong emotional events: told of divorce, signing of divorce, and mother nearly dying in San Bruno fireblast. Otherwise, he was hitting like it was 2009, so hopefully his personal life won’t be so tumultuous in 2011.

    Uribe hadn’t hit that well in second half anyway, and his defense isn’t the greatest, might be better to go another route though not sure who is free agent SS this off-season.

    • Zam

      Yeah, I agree. I think they should ahotner righty along with Farnsworth in the pen to balance it out.You’re right. Frank can’t afford anything right now. = Dodgers are probably going to end up Maholm, weee.If Colletti could squeeze out of Oswalt’s 2012 option somehow or reduce it, I’d still go forward with it. I just think Billingsley’s too hot/cold and not going to get much better. He’s good, but no Roy Oswalt and the Dodgers need an Ace Ace. Also 2011 s free agent list isn’t that exciting. But yeah, dream on right?With you on DeJesus, would get more for him if he were a Spring Training threat, and the D are running thin on the farm.

  2. DodgersKings323

    HE did it again today!! On the bright side it makes Frank and Ned look like even bigger losers who need the boot.

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