Kirk Gibson’s 1988 WS Walk-Off Home Run Bat Sells for $576k

A minor update: Mark Simon of ESPN wrote a really cool article about the walk-off home run with some cool notes about the bat used and the historic event, with quotes from Gibson.

Well there you have it. In an effort to aid Michigan State University athletics, Kirk Gibson auctioned off the bat he used to hit the walk-off home run in game 1 of the 1988 World Series. It sold for $575,912.

From the article:

The auction also including Gibson’s 1988 World Series batting helmet ($153,388.80), NL Most Valuable Player Award ($110,293.20), World Series trophy ($45,578.40) and World Series road uniform ($9,664.80).

Proceeds from the sale of the World Series trophy and MVP award will benefit the Kirk Gibson Foundation. It supports Michigan State University athletics and funds scholarship programs at two Michigan high schools where Gibson’s parents taught.

Still can’t believe he sold all of those things.

Who in the hell would buy the NL MVP award, though? That’s so odd. Where would you put that? What would you tell guests when they saw it? “Yeah, it’s not my NL MVP award, I bought it.”


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