Money passing hands, V-Mart and Huff Have Deals

MLBTR has Aubrey Huff going to the Giants for 2 years/$22 mil with a club option for year 3. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense with Pablo Sandoval clearly not doing well enough at 3B and Brandon Belt pretty much ready for the bigs, but maybe Sabean has a plan (or not). As Will Murphy suggested on Twitter, Huff could play left field, where Pat Burrell won’t (and shouldn’t) be playing anymore, but he’d have to learn a completely new position at the age of 34. Huff is also an extremely inconsistent player.

MLBTR also has Victor Martinez going to the Tigers for four years/$50 mil. The plan is to have him split time at C and DH. Martinez will likely be a full-time DH by the time the deal is done. The Tigers gave up the No. 19 overall pick in the 2011 draft to sign Martinez, who was a type A.

This sets the bar for 1Bs and DHs, so expect Lance Berkman and maybe Adam Dunn and Derrek Lee to get better deals, AAV-wise.

Today is also the day for arbitration offers. Tim Dierkes is all over it and so far Adam Dunn (type A) and Jayson Werth (A) were offered, as expected. Derrek Lee (A) and Chad Durbin (B) were not offered.


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