A Brief Thought on Troy Tulowitzki’s Possible 10-year Deal

I’m not gonna comment on the ridiculous Juan Uribe 3yr/21mil deal because I refuse to believe it’s real until I see Ned Freaking Colletti with his dumb grin shaking hands with Uribe at the presser tomorrow.


Jeter right now is getting mocked for asking for a 6-year deal while A-Rod got locked up for a 10-year deal that guarantees him more money for the next 6 years than Jeter has made in his career.

Yeah Jeter and A-Rod aren’t the same players, but it draws an interesting hypothesis: a team who has control of the player can make the contracts expire when the player is worth less, rather than paying for years of service after he’s past his prime. By the time Tulo’s 10-year deal would be up, he’ll be done playing SS and be a decent above-replacement-level 3B, probably not worth $25 AAV, as he might get on the open market after his current deal expires.

But ya know … Todd Helton and all.

It’s easy to see why this contract would be a huge mistake–and it probably will be. A team spending 25% of its payroll on one player is awful, and the Rockies will do it for 10 years. Jeff Passan wrote a great article one why it’s bad here. But there’s always a reason for these things.


I really wanted to do more on the swing-off-bat article, but I was too busy today (writing lesson plans on The Great Gatsby) and I’ll be too busy tomorrow, so I’m thinking Wednesday.


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