Elect Bret Saberhagen to the Hall of Fame

A lot of talk gets kicked around this time of year about Jack Morris and the Hall of Fame. Even more talk is about his game 7 performance in the 1991 World Series. To that, I say Guffaw.

Truly, the best World Series Game 7 performance by a pitcher was Bret Saberhagen. The brilliant, green, 21-year-old defeated the St. Louis Cardinals, 11-0.

In his nine-inning performance, Saberhagen allowed ZERO runs and scored one himself. He also gave up only five hits and no walks in the game.

Can Morris say that? No, because Morris gave up seven hits and two freaking walks. He also gave up two runs in game 4 of the series.

Saberhagen, meanwhile, pitched all nine innings in his two 1985 World Series appearances and gave up only one run in the total 18 innings. He had to pitch game 7 because the rest of his team let him down, not because he pitched poorly in game 4.

Saberhagen also scored a run because he believes pitchers earn their run support. Morris even had a DH play in his stead because he was so scared of hitting.

And Saberhagen has 70 fewer career losses than Morris. Advantage: Saberhagen.

So remember this, BBWAA: a vote for Jack Morris and a non-vote for Bret Saberhagen is a vote for hypocris–wait, what’s that? Saberhagen fell off the ballot his first year? lol


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