All-Time Replacement Level–110,000 players in 110 years

With 110 years of baseball put into the books (that was the creation of the AL-NL merger), let’s take a second to look at the big picture.

110 years translates to 34,950 pitchers and 80,726 batters, according to Baseball-Reference’s Play Index.

Let’s imagine for a second that all of these players are readily available today. Where would the replacement level be? With 30 MLB teams, 12 pitching spots and 13 position player spots, we can now figure out where the drop-off is in history.

We’re going to look at each position times 30: 150 starting pitchers, 210 relief pitchers, 240 position players and 150 utility players.

That’s what I’m going to do, by position, for the next few weeks. Let’s have some fun.


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