Clayton Kershaw’s Opening Day Pitch Sequencing

A friend, William, is keeping a cool blog on pitch sequencing and broke down Clayton Kershaw’s opening day start.


Positive Results

Andres Torres

1) FB, FB, SL, SL, SL, FB- K (swinging)

2) FB, SL, CU- K (swinging)

3) SL, FB, SL- Groundout (SS)

Comments:  Kershaw started by hinting at working away, then began working inside with the slider and went way low and inside with the fastball for the punchout.  The second time around, though a little high on the first two pitches, Kershaw did start working away more and got Torres to chase a curve low and out of the zone.  The final time, Kershaw worked the sliders inside to induce a weak groundout.  Torres swung at every single pitch from the last slider of the first AB.  To say the least, he was way too aggressive and Kershaw ate him up.

Aubrey Huff

1) SL, FB, FB, SL- K (swinging)

2) SL- Popup (CF)

3) FB, FB- Groundout (2B)

Comments:  The first AB to Huff was a classic “work the crappy LHB away” with the odd 0-2 fastball up and in for a waster.  Kershaw runs a 1-2 slider out of the zone and Huff waved over it.  Huff comes back the next time and jumped on a slider that caught too much of the strike zone but only lifted it to Kemp.  Kershaw missed spots on both fastballs the third time around, but Huff got impatient and chased high.

You can read more of his stuff here.



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2 responses to “Clayton Kershaw’s Opening Day Pitch Sequencing

  1. DodgersKings323

    Happy 2011 Dingers!

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