Youtube: Jerry Sands and Jonathan Garcia Hit Some Long Balls

Correction: The Jerry Sands home run was from TONIGHT, April 12, not April 11.

via Scott Northrup

The great thing about baseball: there’s always hope.

Potential 2011 call-up Jerry Sands hit a home run tonight that went more than 428. It was hit off a right-handed pitcher and to straight center. Here’s the video:

Pretty effortless swing and he drove it deep. Some of that may be Albuquerque, but you don’t see everyone hitting it that deep to straight center. That was Sands’ fourth home run in four games. It’ll be interesting to see the difference between this home run and one at an away park.


Jonathan Garcia is another Dodgers MiLB product. He’s a toolsy 19-year-old in A Great Lakes (which is where Sands was at the beginning of last year.

On April 10, 2011, Garcia hit two home runs. Here are both videos:

Beautiful swing, very quick. He got around on that pitch very, very quickly and that allowed his hips to pull strong on the second one. It’s also an awesomely crisp swing, but the problem with toolsy guys is repeating success. It’s obvious the second swing is much cleaner than the first. Perhaps he’s emulating Sands, but he has three home runs in five games. And oddly, all of his five hits have been XBH.

Garcia had a pretty decent season in Rookie Ogden last year: .305/.365/.527 (18 doubles, 10 homers) in 266 plate appearances. Not the most patient batter, but that’s a pretty stat line.

Definitely keep an eye on him as the season progresses.


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