Counterpoints: Uribe Will Stay, Loney Will Go?

There’s two counterpoints to the last post.

First is about Juan Uribe. Uribe is expensive, but plays the three positions that the Dodgers have serious needs in: 2B, SS and 3B. His positional flexibility makes him very important and thus less likely to be traded. So get used to that.

Second is about James Loney. Someone pointed out to me that Loney is more than likely to be traded this year because Sands can play 1B and Trayvon Robinson can fill the outfield (along with Xavier Paul or another replacement player), if both are capable of playing every day.

Again, money is in the driver’s seat here and Uribe will likely make almost twice as much as Loney, but depth-wise, it makes more sense to do trade Loney and keep Uribe.



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3 responses to “Counterpoints: Uribe Will Stay, Loney Will Go?

  1. LADodgers2011

    Sands is 2-11 and has been given a day off. We will see how much he stays around the big leagues. He is the fan favorite and has shown potential though.

    I agree that Loney should be the most worried, especially after Uribe’s recent hot streak, going 7-15.

  2. More posts of this quality. Not the usual c***, plseae

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