Martin Prado Achieves Rare 0-for-9, Almost Does Unthinkable

There was a controversial call last night in the Pirates-Braves game.  It was a brutal 19-inning game that ended with a bad call, but a few things flew under the radar.

First, there’s this.  I will never not love Scott Proctor for that.

Second, lost in the shuffle was that Martin Prado went 0-for-9 on the night without a sacrifice or a walk.  That’s a solid nine times he was at the plate and made an out.

Just to give you a sense of reference, only 86 times has a player gone 0-for-8 in 8 plate appearances.  Only 22 times has a player gone 0-for-9 in at-bats (without a sacrifice) or worse. The last player to do so was Trot Nixon in 2006. Before that, Rafael Palmeiro in 1991.

Of those 22, only six times has a player gone 0-for-10 in ABs and 10 PAs, and only once in recorded history has a player gone 0-for-11 and he did it in 11 PAs (we’re looking at you, 1920 Charlie Pick of the Boston Braves).  If you want to include sacrifices and walks, 29 have gone 0-for-9, 10 have gone o-for-10 and, again, only Charlie Pick has gone 0-for-11.

The best part?  Martin Prado was on deck after Proctor. He would’ve been the first player since John Shelby in 1989 to go 0-for-10 in 10 PAs.

I love this game.


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