Introducing: Scorekeeping: The Official Scientific Study (AND WE NEED YOUR HELP)

This is the big news I’ve wanted to announce for about six months.  Are you ready for this?

We’re taking Scorekeeping to the scientific realm.

That’s right, we’re making The Subtle Racism Project an official scientific study, complete with a lit review, reference variables, and a whole bunch of scientific IAT shit I barely understand.  Dingers reader and grad student Adam chimed in to help a couple of months ago and helped to create the model.

For now, we’re raising the money to get 30 people to watch 30 telecasts of baseball–basically from the beginning of September to the end of the season, if we’re lucky.  Click here to see the Kickstarter page.  Once we reach our goal, we’re all set.

But we need your help.  Forward this to friends; to family; to neighbors; to baseball fans world wide.  Let’s get this thing underway.

In the meantime, if you’d like to submit random, unscientific samples to the original Scorekeeping thread, click here.  I have about 50 minor examples so far this year.



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4 responses to “Introducing: Scorekeeping: The Official Scientific Study (AND WE NEED YOUR HELP)

  1. Heather

    what is the money for?

    • The money is for paying the grad students to watch the 900 games, printing manuscripts to send to donors and publications and helping our coordinators stay in touch. You can see an informative video on the kickstarter site.

  2. mabel

    id love to see the lit review and am curious what discipline/department Adam is in.
    its a great project.

    • Adam I believe is a grad student in sociology at University of Virginia. He’s passed along the lit review to a couple of professors and we’re talking about making it public, but I dunno … let’s wait until we’re funded, right?

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