We’re $550 Short of the Mountain Top, Help Us to the Top

Since we uploaded the kickstarter, we’ve been overwhelmed by the response.  Adam, the PhD candidate at University of Virginia, and I have seen $1,957 raised so far and we’re closing in on our goal.


Naturally, Adam and I have gotten it into our heads that we’re amazing and we’re going to reach our goal and thus we’ve started getting ideas for what to do if we go over our goal.

Our main idea is expanding the data to include non-broadcasting items.  This includes print media and talk radio, although holy shit who wants to listen to Jim Rome for four hours every day.  We want more data and we want more coverage.  If we had an infinite supply of money, I think we’d keep this study going on forever.


With that, let’s focus on raising past our goal.  Let’s focus on a new goal: $3,000.

If you’ve been thinking about donating, do it now.  If you’ve donated already, donate another five bucks and we’ll get to our goal by the end of today. If you don’t have the funds to donate–and trust me, I know that feeling–spread the word.  Let other people know about this.  Post it on Facebook.  Tell your friends.  I’ve had a few people donate to the cause as a birthday present–those were especially sweet.

Let’s keep it going.  Full speed ahead.


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