Matt Kemp and Ted Lilly May Be First Batter/Pitcher Teammates to 30/30 Club

I saw this on a forum and had to post it here.  I think it was originally written by this guy, but if it wasn’t, show me the link and I’ll give proper citation.


Matt Kemp has joined the 30/30 club with 30 HR and 33 SB. Ted Lilly has given up 28 HR and 29 SB. if Lilly gives up 2 more HR and another SB, both of which are perfectly feasible, they would become the first batter/pitcher teammates to have gotten/given up 30 hr & 30 sb in the same season.

Notable combos who fell just short:

1999 Dodgers: Raul Mondesi 33 HR 36 SB, Ismael Valdez 32 HR, 26 SB
1998 Mariners: Alex Rodriguez 42/46, Jeff Fassero 33/24
1996 Rockies: Ellis Burks 40/32 & Dante Bichette 31/31, Kevin Ritz 24/27
1990 Braves: Ron Gant 32/33, John Smoltz 20/31
1987 Mets: Darryl Strawberry 39/36 & Howard Johnson 36/32, Ron Darling 24/33
1987 Reds: Eric Davis 37/50, Ted Power 28/20
1987 Indians: Joe Carter 32/31, Tom Candiotti 28/25
1970 Brewers: Tommy Harper 31/38, Lew Krausse 33/23

I absolutely love this post.

The toughest part is actually the pitcher giving up that many.  Only 18 guys have done that in history, most of them in recent history.

Tim Wakefield (BOS 1996 and 2000) and Joe Coleman (DET 1973 and 1974) are the only two to do it more than once and you can probably imagine why: anybody who does give up that many homers is probably out of baseball the next year.

In 1987, four pitchers (Jose Guzman, Bert Blyleven, Jack Morris and Charlie Hough) gave up 30 homers and 30 SBs and that was because 1987 was a boom year for homers.


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