Let’s Get Real: Dodgers Won’t Sign Pujols, Fielder

Of course this isn’t directed at anyone in particular, aside from a few friends on facebook, but I want to get real here.

Can I get real?

OK, let’s get real. [real]

Dodgers signed Matt Kemp today to a 8-year/160 mil contract. They’re paying Matt Kemp what he’s worth during the years he’s worth it. It’s pretty much win-win, unless Kemp falls off a cliff at age 34.

This wonderful expenditure, as much as we all love it, pretty much precludes the Dodgers won’t be getting any major free agent this off-season. The team probably won’t be officially sold until April 1, which is pretty much opening day. Most free agents get their paychecks by early January; very few make it to February.

Additionally, the signings of Mark Ellis and Juan Rivera, both one-year deals, are basically Colletti’s way of trying to provide financial flexibility for 2012 and beyond (even if he is still overpaying Ellis and Rivera by a lot).

This isn’t pessimism, this is realism. [/real]

now lets talk about how mark cuban is gonna buy the dodgers


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