Lilly’s impressive homerless allowed streak continues

Dodgers lost tonight in a bad way, but none of it goes on the shoulders of Ted Lilly, who had another great performance.

On the season, Lilly’s given up three runs (two earned) in 20 innings.  His WHIP is a sterling 0.85.

This likely won’t continue, but it’s cool to give him a tip of the cap now and again.

More importantly, though, is Lilly’s home runs allowed stats.

Lilly’s always been known as a decent pitcher who gave up too many home runs.  If the current trend is true, this is the exact opposite now.  Lilly ended the season with six straight starts without giving up a home run and he’s currently at three starts this season without a home run allowed.  That’s nine consecutive starts.  

You may remember this post.  The chances of Lilly pulling off this kind of run are basically .01%, so we’re past statistical anomaly.  Something’s changed and either it’s the Lilly doing something different or the marine layer or who knows.  Certainly there were some deep flyouts in tonight’s game and the competition the two previous games wasn’t stiff, but it’s time to give some credit to Lilly and the coaching staff.  This has been a cool run.  


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