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Moving on …

You’ve already heard enough on why the BBWAA is idiots, I don’t think you need another article on it.  The voting was very close, anyway.  It’s just a shame a few guys turned in blank ballots and a few more had empty vote spaces that didn’t go to Alomar or Blyleven.

Andre Dawson was a fantastic player.  I believe the Hall of Fame should have a base standard for on-base percentage, which is the most important offensive stat, but Dawson did a lot of things very well.  Hit for power, play defense and steal bases.  You can argue he wasn’t elite at these things, but in his best years, between 22-37, he had 399 home runs, 93 triples (!) and 309 stolen bases (to 104 caught stealing, which is a decent percentage) in 9,566 plate appearances.

He had a 118 OPS+ in center and right field.  He also did this in 10,769 plate appearances, which is 27th all time in the Hall.  He fits in well with other Hall of Famers

Congratulations to Andre Dawson.  This is his time.  He should go in as the second (and last) Expo.


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