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Marlins extend Josh Johnson, four years, 39 mil

I guess the Marlins took MLB’s money-spending mandate to heart.

Marlins threw down four years, $39 million for Josh Johnson todayMLBTR reports it’s similar to Greinke’s pre-CYA deal (4/38).

This was kinda what I was hoping the Marlins would spend it on, but after looking at Johnson’s work over his career …

Johnson’s workload jumped from ~120 innings in the minors and majors combined in 2008 to 209 innings in 2009.  He pitched 1412 pitches in 2008 and 3,284 pitches in 2009.  Most prospects have an easy transition into higher inning and pitch counts, about 10-20% more per year.  This is just straight up reckless.

Just be glad that if Johnson goes down next year, he at least got his paycheck.

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