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Protected Draft Picks Will Move a Lot in the Next 48 Hours

Ah. I know all Dodger fans are rooting against the Dodgers right now so they can get a better draft pick–I’m certainly one of them.

Almost all of the protected 2011 picks are solidified except one. Here’s the teams (in a current-standings order before games on Oct. 2) and their draft picks.

1. Pittsburgh*
2. Seattle*
3. Arizona*
4. Baltimore*
5. Kansas City*
6. Washington*
6a. Arizona*
7. Cleveland*
8. Chicago Cubs*
9. Houston*
9a. San Diego*
10. Milwaukee*
11. Los Angeles Dodgers
12. Florida
13. New York Mets
14. Oakland
15. Anaheim
16. Detroit

Colorado is at no. 17, but have only 77 losses; so even if they lose their final two games, they won’t have a protected pick.

There’s room for movement, as picks 10 through 16 have between 80 and 83 losses with two games to play. The final two days here will be a game of musical chair.

Detroit is at 80-80 while Anaheim and Oakland are at 79-81. The Dodgers, Mets and Marlins are at 78-82 and the Brewers are at 77-83.

Basically Anaheim and Oakland’s unmagic number is 2.

There’s also gonna be some movement in the top quarter of the draft, since Arizona and Baltimore are tied while Kansas City, Washington and Cleveland are all within one loss of each other.

(Dodger fans: the best the Dodgers can do at this point is pass Milwaukee and grab no. 10. The worst is tying with Detroit, but I don’t know what happens in that case.)


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The 2010 MLB Draft is Almost Here

The 2010 MLB Draft will begin on June 7. Baseball-Reference has the draft order with supplemental picks here and a really cool list of players who were picked at those slots with the collective MLB Wins Above Replacement from each player picked at that slot–Matt Bush was one of two No. 1 overall picks who never made it to the majors, can you name the other?

You probably know a good deal about it already and the top 15 picks are pretty much solidified, unless there’s some massive mis-step by one of the teams. The expected top 3 are Bryce Harper to the Nationals, Manny Machado to the Pirates and Jameson Taillon to the Orioles. After that, Drew Pomeranz, Chris Sale, Deck McGuire, Yasmani Grandal and a few others.

As Adam W. Foster said in our Q&A, the picks after that are going to be a mix-and-match, but they’re mostly good players into pick 60. Lincoln Hamilton has his list of top 50 picks here.

The Dodgers have one pick in that range, pick No. 28. They didn’t offer arbitration to two type A players this off-season, Randy Wolf and Orlando Hudson, and will not be compensated in the draft as other teams were. Hey-Zeus was that awful.

The draft will go three days, June 7-9. The opening round (June 7) will air on MLB Network, pre-show will start at 6 p.m. EST.

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A Q&A with Project Prospect’s Adam W. Foster

Adam W. Foster is the fanatic’s scout.  He has a good eye and often replies to open questions asked on Twitter. He has catalogued videos of nearly every prospect in each organization. His opinions are respected within the community, but mention his name to the casual baseball fan–or even an avid baseball fan–and you’ll likely get a “who?”

Foster, who runs Project Prospect with Lincoln Hamilton, took time out of his pre-draft schedule to talk about the 2010 Rule IV draft and the current state of the Dodgers’ minor league system.  Questions are in italics.

(Before you continue reading, remember that Foster is a Giants fan and is Grade A evil for what he says about the Dodgers’ minor league system).

For the upcoming 2010 Rule IV draft, what’s the first thing that stands out to you? What should the casual fan know about the talent that’s coming out of this draft?

There aren’t many attractive college bats coming out of major conferences. …

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