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Broxton’s Return: Velocity is Back, Movement is Not (Plus Some Kenley Jansen Stuff).

If you saw Jonathan Broxton‘s performance on Saturday, you were probably a little relieved. Broxton faced eight batters, gave up no hits and got six outs. The two walks made it interesting, but that seemed to be a little rust he was shaking off as they came against two of the first three batters.

The point, though, is that nobody really touched Broxton’s stuff. (All graphs provided by, please go visit their site and say thank you for all of the info).

Broxton's Box Score July 24, 2010

I don’t understand the bunt groundout–I do, but it was a silly move with Reyes at bat–but after the bunt, he got two strikeouts and three groundouts. Nobody hit anything to the outfield, which is lightyears better than he did last week, and best of all he mixed in his slider.

The funny thing is the velocity on his fastball is there, but the movement isn’t.

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