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Dodger Stadium food reviews: the Mega-Pretzel

Just this year, the Dodgers came out with what they call the Victory Knot: a few pounds of dough formed into a pretzel and served with three dipping sauces.

With our field-level seats, my cousin Ian and I set out to find the Mega-Pretzel for consumption. Campy’s Corner behind home plate had just what we were looking for.

It was $18. Yep, 18 smackaroos for one pretzel. The cashier told us it’d be ready in five minutes.  But it is quite large and they swear it can feed four.

the Mega-Pretzel

My cousin, Ian, holds the delicacy.

Well, maybe not four adults.  I could see two kids eating the twisty parts and their parents eating the rest, but $18 is a little much when you can get four Dodger Dogs for that.

Regardless, we dug in.  The pretzel was delicious. Quasi-hard outside, soft leavened dough inside.  Heating it up made a difference.

The sauces left a lot to be desired, though.

Mustard: A traditional yellow mustard with some added spices.  Decent, but not great.
Vanilla icing: I assume this is for kids or something, but it was gooey and kinda gross.
Beer cheese: I don’t know who came up with this one, but bad idea.  Horrible consistency (it looked like lard), bright orange color makes it look unnatural, and it’s taste doesn’t justify dipping.

The good news was the pretzel was good enough to eat on its own.  I’m a big carb fan and found it delicious. But the cost and the sauces made the purchase a not-so-sound one.  Maybe a good novelty for kids, but not a great food item.

Overall grade: C

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